Our Success History

  • 2024

    Setup Business Blueprint

      Setup Business Blueprint is a Valuable Resource for Entrepreneurs and Business like Solo, Micro and SME Businesses who are looking to Search Their Business Loopholes

    1. Research & Analysis: Crucial for recognizing and comprehending challenges, it provides a strong basis for informed decision-making by individuals and organizations
    2. Exact Loopholes: Evaluate your business operations to spot potential loopholes, addressing compliance gaps and maximizing opportunities
    3. Owner Setup: Here We Will Duscuss about owner self Setup to improve himself, Personally and Professionaly in Organization
    4. Business Blueprint: Summarize your business, highlighting its mission, vision, and objectives as a guide for decision-making, resource allocation, and growth
    5. Company Setup: Craft your company's brand identity, covering logo, website, marketing, online presence, and establish hiring processes with compensation details
    6. Scale up Digital Transformation: Upgrade digital infrastructure for successful transformation, emphasizing cloud computing, data analytics, automation, and digital marketing, with strategic planning and organizational commitment


  • 2023

    Setup Mastery: Go to The Next Level

    1. We're thrilled to announce setupmastery.com! Inspired by our ambitious clients, it offers customized training and coaching for rapid business growth worldwide.
    2. With new offices in India, we're committed to helping entrepreneurs kickstart their ventures. Begin your journey at www.setupmastery.com today!
    3. Additionally, our specialized setup mastery helps you unlock your business loopholes, ensuring a smoother path to success.

  • 2022

    Search Business Loopholes

    1. In business, it's really important to find and fix any Loopholes before they cause trouble. This means looking closely at how your business works to find any weak spots.
    2. By fixing these weak spots, you show that you care about making your products or services the best they can be. This helps your customers and everyone else who cares about your business to trust you more and feel happier with what you offer.
    3. Looking for these problems isn't just about being careful. It's a smart way to make sure your business stays strong and can compete well in a changing world.


  • 2021

    Company Case Study

    1. As a business owner, understanding challenges is crucial for success. One way to grasp these challenges is by studying real-life stories of other companies, known as company case studies.
    2. Company case studies give insights into both the successes and failures of businesses. They offer a clear picture of effective strategies and ones that don't work so well.
    3. Learning from these case studies helps business owners prepare for potential problems. By learning from others' experiences, they can strengthen their own businesses and navigate challenges more effectively.


  • 2020

    The Next Start-up Idea - Setup Mastery Program

    1. The Setup Mastery Program is a special training made by Mr. Sunjjoy Chaudhri. He's really good at teaching and has been doing it for a long time. This program helps you become really good at something called "Setup." It's different from just being okay or average - it's like being the best in the world at what you do.
    2. Whether you're just starting out or already know a lot, this program will change your life. Mr. Sunjjoy Chaudhri will teach you things that will make you stand out from others.
    3. After you finish the program, you'll become a great influencer. Even if you're not feeling your best, you'll still be better than most other influencers out there.


  • 2019

    Achievements of Awards and Rewards

    1. Mr. Sunjjoy Chaudhri got an award for being the best at providing financial help. His award was from a group called International Business Influencer in India, in 2019.
    2. The company also got an award from Investors Chronicle for being the best at helping people invest and trade. This award shows that the website cares about its customers and does things the right way.


  • 2018

    Authorized Regent Market Payment Agent

    1. FxPopsan Exchangers got special permission from Malta (which is part of the UK) to provide payment services.
    2. Binary.com, a company, chose FxPopsan as one of the best services in India for helping with payments, finding new customers, and partnering with other businesses.
    3. FxPopsan went to Crypto Expo Events in three different countries: Dubai, Singapore, and Malaysia.


  • 2017

    Started Conducting Seminars and Webcasts

    1. The outcome is where entrepreneurs want to go. The coach helps entrepreneurs see clearly where they want to go and what it will look like when they get there.
    2. at this Year Webcasts and seminars have begun all across India to Entrepreneurs understand their goals better. Webcasts and seminars have begun all across India.


  • 2016

    Started Entrepreneurship Development Program

    1. Being a Subject Matter Expert means you know a lot about something and can help others. It's like giving advice, fixing problems, guiding people, and teaching them.
    2. A Recurring Revenue Model is a way of making money where you get paid regularly for something, like a subscription. Competence Business Assessment is like checking how good a business is at what it does.
    3. So, in an Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP), we're helping people learn how to be experts in their field, make money consistently, and assess how well their business is doing.


  • 2015

    Giving Services in Different Sectors

    • Establishment of Administrative Services
    • Establishment of Technology Services
    • Establishment of Entrepreneur Solutions
    • Establishment of Wealth Creation

    Creation of a Company Case Study as a Global Activity Subject Matter Expert.

    The exclusive setup encompasses Intellectual Content.

    Our most significant global expansion commenced.


  • 2014

    Case Study Learning Started

    1. I joined the Leadership Funnel and learned a lot about being a leader. I helped bring CCS knowledge to India, which made our knowledge stronger.
    2. started a big study and practice platform in a new company. It helps all kinds of people and businesses, from small to big. because I want to help businesses grow and do their best, no matter how big they are.


  • 2013

    A New Project Connected to the FxPopsan Exchangers

    1. We won't confuse you with fancy terms or try to sell you things you don't need. You deserve clear answers to your questions, so you can make smart choices for your business.
    2. Deriv Platform makes trading easy with a simple platform. We also have a new project related to FxPopsan Exchangers.
    3. Options are a straightforward way to trade and have benefits over other types of investments.


  • 2012

    Started Giving a Future Growth Plan that fits Industry!

    1. We helped you at Malgangas Consultancy by looking at your business now and where you want it to go.
    2. We'll suggest things that can help you now and in the future. We started offering plans for future growth in different industries this year.


  • 2011

    Started Giving Consulting Services

    1. We Started helping businesses in different areas like management, administration, technology, and wealth management. It doesn't matter what industry they're in.
    2. Our goal is to make them more successful and earn more money. We do this by using our knowledge in consulting, analyzing businesses, managing wealth, and using digital technology. This helps your customers change and improve.


  • 2010

    India’s Largest Exchangers E-Currency Services

    1. Mr. Sunjjoy Chaudhri recently started a new company called FxPopsan Exchangers. They made a special website where regular people can trade electronic currencies easily.
    2. This company is very important in India because at that time it is difficult to buy and sell E-Currency Internationaly, FxPOPSAN EXCHANGERS helps people buy, sell, and trade different types of money online.
    3. FxPopsan Exchangers is leading the way for India to join the world of online money trading.

  • 2009

    Started Marketing Consulting Services

    1. We're Started helping Businesses with their marketing this year
    2. After the company quickly moved ahead and made money, they continued to help others.
    3. When doing a hard job like a space mission, there need to be plans for every possible situation.


  • 2008

    Started New Business Journey

    1. A new company called Malgangas Consultancy was born. It was started by a young entrepreneur who teamed up with marketers. The Malgangas Consultancy Group was formed, offering expert business advice and support.
    2. They helped businesses from start to finish, even as they grew and changed. If you chose to work with Malgangas Consultancy, they promised to focus on helping you succeed, not just making money.Mr. Sunjjoy Chaudhri founded this company.